The Biggest Game In Cavalier History

All the talking is about t0 end. The court will tell the story who will be 2015-16 NBA champion. History is pending on both sides with only one team being crowned champion. Cavalier fan already knows the story 52 years of waiting comes down to tonight in California. On the other side Golden State wants end their historic season with another championship.

Lebron James has brought hope back to Northeast Ohio and tonight he can become even more legendary with a win on the road. I believe the King will his thing tonight the question is who will come along side him on his team. No question this is the biggest game in Cavalier franchise history. This is what it’s all about one game playoff for the bling and bragging rights as the best in the NBA.

Steph Curry and the Warriors stand in the way of Lebron and Northeast Ohio’s championship dreams. The Warriors have some history they want to make with a win tonight. History is on the side of Golden State and they need to play like it to secure their place in NBA history.

I have been a resident of Northeast Ohio all my life. I have lived and died with our sports teams championship drought. Tonight all that could end and the celebrating will begin. Lebron could deliver what no one has been able to do in 52 years. After 48 minutes we will find out who will experience the happiness or sadness of winning or losing the NBA title.


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