Cavaliers Looking To Tie Series Today

Today is a big day in Cleveland Cavaliers franchise history. They need a win today thanks to a Derrick Rose game winner at the buzzer Friday night. This is a must win game for Cleveland without a doubt not wanting to go down 3-1 to the Bulls. The Cavaliers are banged up right now with Shumpert, Irving and obviously Kevin Love less than 100% or out. But they are not offering any excuses because of injuries which is a good thing. I have not been overly impressed with the Bulls two wins in this series. In game one they shot exceptionally well, while in game three Rose banked in the game winner enough said. Defensively and on the boards the Bulls have turned up the aggression to which Cleveland needs to answer back. Another key is the play of Kyrie Irving who was averaging 25 points per game in the series. Irving only had 11 points on 3/13 shooting on Friday night. I don’t know if it was the injury or the Bulls defense that slowed him down. Whatever the case is Irving needs to drop 20+ points today and be a factor in this game. Lebron James is averaging a near triple double in this series, but he is only shooting 39% from the field. He needs to shoot higher percentage and finish better at the rim. He is also is leading everybody with 15 turnovers in the series of which 7 came in game three. James and Irving are the two best players in this series by far. Today is the day they put their mark on this series and this franchise. It’s not about the other players who still need to contribute. It’s about James and Irving today bringing this back to Cleveland tied up 2-2 period.


NBA Power Rankings Week 2

RK Team W L
1 Memphis Grizzlies 6 1
2 Houston Rockets 6 1
3 Toronto Raptors 6 1
4 Golden State Warriors 5 1
5 Sacramento Kings 5 2
6 Chicago Bulls 5 2
7 Washington Wizards 5 2
8 Miami Heat 5 2
9 Los Angeles Clippers 4 2
10 Brooklyn Nets 4 2
11 New Orleans Pelicans 3 2
12 Portland Trail Blazers 4 3
13 Dallas Mavericks 4 3
14 Phoenix Suns 4 3
15 Boston Celtics 3 3
16 Utah Jazz 3 4
17 Charlotte Hornets 3 4
18 Milwaukee Bucks 3 4
19 San Antonio Spurs 2 3
20 Cleveland Cavaliers 2 3
21 Atlanta Hawks 2 3
22 Minnesota Timberwolves 2 4
23 Detroit Pistons 2 4
24 Orlando Magic 2 4
25 Oklahoma City Thunder 2 5
26 New York Knicks 2 5
27 Denver Nuggets 1 5
28 Los Angeles Lakers 1 5
29 Indiana Pacers 1 5
30 Philadelphia 76ers 0 7

NBA Eastern Conference Power Rankings Week 2

RK Eastern Conference ▴ W L
1 Toronto Raptors 6 1
2 Chicago Bulls 5 2
3 Washington Wizards 5 2
4 Miami Heat 5 2
5 Brooklyn Nets 4 2
6 Boston Celtics 3 3
7 Charlotte Hornets 3 4
8 Milwaukee Bucks 3 4
9 Cleveland Cavaliers 2 3
10 Atlanta Hawks 2 3
11 Detroit Pistons 2 4
12 Orlando Magic 2 5
13 New York Knicks 2 5
14 Indiana Pacers 1 6
15 Philadelphia 76ers 0 7

NBA Power Rankings Week 1

  1. San Antonio Spurs
  2. Chicago Bulls
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers
  4. LA Clippers
  5. Houston Rockets
  6. Golden State Warriors
  7. Dallas Mavericks
  8. Portland Trail Blazers
  9. Oklahoma City Thunder
  10. Miami Heat
  11. Washington Wizards
  12. Toronto Raptors
  13. New Jersey Nets
  14. New Orleans Hornets
  15. Charlotte Bobcats
  16. Atlanta Hawks
  17. Denver Nuggets
  18. Memphis Grizzlies
  19. New York Knicks
  20. Detroit Pistons
  21. Indiana Pacers
  22. Phoenix Suns
  23. Sacramento Kings
  24. Boston Celtics
  25. LA Lakers
  26. Milwaukee Bucks
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves
  28. Orlando Magic
  29. Philadelphia Sixers
  30. Utah Jazz

Game #26 Chicago 100 Cleveland 84

For the second night in a row Cleveland played a short-handed and beat up team. This one was in Chicago where the road hasn’t been too friendly to the Cavaliers this season. The Bulls had only scored 100 or more points 4 times and shot 50% or better 4 times coming into this game. They scored 100 points and shot 54% from the field against Cleveland. Chicago also shot 67% from the three-point land exceeding their season percentage of 32%. Another winnable game lost these games are adding up against Cleveland. The Cavaliers are 10-16 this season and 2-12 on the road.


Kyrie Irving   

Irving had 14 points and 5 assists in 35 minutes. Kyrie had another awful shooting night going 5-16 from the field including 1-5 on three balls. Cleveland is not going to win too many games when Irving scores less than 20 points. Cleveland is now 0-11 this season when Kyrie scores less than 20 points.

C.J. Miles   

Miles had 4 points and 2 rebounds in 21 minutes. Miles has had 8 double figure games this season and Cleveland has won 5 of those games. Miles needs to be more consistent offensively to ease the scoring burden on the other players.

Andrew Bynum  

Bynum had 19 points and 7 rebounds in 26 minutes. Andrew looked better on the offensive end tonight shooting 60% from the field. Bynum remains a big defensive liability against mobile bigs. In the last two games he has had only one knee brace on hopefully that’s a sign he is getting healthy.

Alonzo Gee  

Gee had 3 rebounds and 1 shot attempt in 16 minutes. Gee has scored 10 or more points 1 time this season. There isn’t much more you say about this situation.

Tristan Thompson  

Thompson had 10 points and 7 rebounds in 24 minutes. Carlos Boozer gave him problems tonight 19 points and 9 rebounds. Thompson is a role player whose offensive production is a bonus.

Impact Bench Player

Jarrett Jack

Jack had 11 points and 6 assists in 30 minutes. Jack had a bad shooting night going for 4-13 from the field. I would like to see Jack be more efficient on offense.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland missed Dion Waiters scoring production off the bench. Outside of Waiters and Irving who can you count on to score the basket. Cleveland needs all the scoring they can get. Cleveland is now 1-9 when scoring 90 points or less. Cleveland has Detroit and Atlanta at home and Boston on the road this week. They should win at least two of three if not all three. There six playoff spots up for grabs in the Eastern Conference. Cleveland has to capitalize on a weak conference.

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